Why Flex Corner?

Made for start-ups as well as for small
to mid-sized companies.
Not for traditional thinkers

Flex Corner - Ambiance
Flex Corner - Ambiance

Flex Corner is designed to provide office space to start-ups and small to mid-sized business entrepreneurs willing to think out of the box. An alternative to traditional office space. An alternative to paying for something that you don't need.

Grow at your own pace

Step by step
Flexible lease contracts

Flex Corner is designed to offer office space to companies not willing to pay for more space than needed nor to be tied to long-term leases. As you grow, your rental space can be adapted and rented on a more permanent basis. This is the aim of Flex Corner - to help you grow at attractive conditions.

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The power of synergy

But that's not all. Sharing space with others in a larger office building gives you the opportunity of building relationships, sharing experiences... and creating great synergies.

Flex Corner - Ambiance